Applied Research Types

There are different forms of applied research. Some of the types of applied research are:

  1. Evaluation Research

Evaluation research is one of the types of applied research which focus on purpose of social intervention rather the generation of knowledge. It is purpose oriented inquiry trying to measures the outcomes of given action, activities or program. It is guided to achieve the original goal of these activities. It evaluates the impact of intervention which may be the form of project, program or policy. One of the benefit or objectives of evaluation research is to generate the information which is helpful for decision making. It tries to evaluated or measure the effectiveness of programming, project or policy.

Evaluation research emerge from the 1960s when one of the federal governments of USA use evaluation study for some social welfare program. In 1970s, most of the federal government use evaluation study for the social programs. After the positive review and help for the providing the fruitful suggestion the evaluation research is popular.

This research is closely related to examination of policies, objectives, strategies and programs which are headed toward success of program and also identify the reason for failure of such intervention. It helps to identify the gaps by analyzing the actual performance and comparing with stander set for such interventions. This finding is valuable for the identification of strength and weakness of social interventions. It generates the micro level of data using the internal surveys, documentary analysis, focus group discussion and interviews with stakeholder.

The finding of the study may arise the ethical and political issued due to different interest of different people. Different people may interpret from different angle about the finding of evaluation research. One of the limitation of the evaluation study is it is narrow in nature which focus on inputs and output of the study rather than process.

There are two types of evaluation research. They are:

Formative evaluation: It is that types of evaluation study which is in-build in nature. It is conducted in series basis using the data generated from the project. It generates the data about actual performance and measure the gap from standard performance.

Summative evaluation: It is that types of the evaluation study which is conduct after the complication of the project of program. The impact study of the project is the prime example of the evaluation study.

2. Feminist Research

It is the research carried on the basis of established feminist theory. feminist theory is related to study of women. The classical theory of feminism believed that women are the victim in the society due to domination of male power. the theory believed that this structural of society affects the daily life of women. Thus, feminist research scientifically conducted for the investigation or generation of the theory from women standpoint.

While conduction the feminist study, the research focuses on dual dimension. One dimension of the research dealing with the development of the theory (construction of knowledge) related to women and another dimension of the study is to study the current social problem faced by women. Whiling dealing with problem faced by women in society the study tries to explore the women’s struggle in day to day life, multi-forms of the problem and problems of limiting the women in society. Since the feminist research are base on feminist values and beliefs it tries to include the feminism for problem identification and study process. Due to focus on feminism some people argue that the research is biased and mostly conducted by feminism rather than other people. It is true for same sense but as the nature of the study it focusses on meaning of women give their feeling to world.

Feminist research have diversity due to the diversity of feminist thought and multidisciplinary because the women problems are not analysis from single dimension. For the study it used different methodologies. Most of the finished research are qualitative in nature which focus on women as a central point of analysis.

Participatory Action Research

Participatory action research is one of the applied research types which is design to improve the on-going performance of the operation. The operation is Sally the problems of the real world and needs improvement for a more positive impact on society. In action research, there is a continuous generation of data which are analysis during the operation of the action. it continuously provide feedback regarding performance through direct investigation of operation. science the research is continuously repeated for providing the suggestion for what next action can be performed in an effective way.

In the action research outcomes of operations and it’s application are close observe and link to perform next action in effective way.

In the action research, there is the need for active participation of participants who are involved in the identification of problem and implement of study. It uses experimental learning methods for change and learning from the one action for another action. this, the action research may used participatory approach for conduction research.

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