Case Study Research Design

Case Study

In the research term case is individual, particular organization, particular process, program or event. Case is selected for in depth study. Case study is an in depth study of particular cases. Case study is normally an empirical method of in depth investigation of particular case  with in its real world context. It focuses on individual representation of a group, the more often it addresses a phenomenon. In case study the subject matter is narrow down from the broad field of research and make it research able topic for individual study.

Case Study Research

Case study research may be exploratory, descriptive and explanatory. In exploratory case study research the researcher try to explore the contained of case by in depth investigating on it. The research focus on the question of “who” or “what”. The main aim of exploratory case study research is to explore the significant information about case using wide array of tools and techniques of data collection. In descriptive case study research,  the descriptive of events and their connection are studies in detail. It tries to deal with the question of “how” rather than “what” or “who”. Researchers use more detailed research design than exploratory case study. In case of difficulty few methods are adopted in design for the purpose of data collection. Explanatory case study research try to address the question related to “why” rather than “how”, “what” or “Who” using more detailed research design. Most of the research use hypothesis and following deductive reasoning in investigation. Explanatory case research design are more rigorous in nature with a high degree of structural, well plan considering minor factor while designing the study.

Case Study Research Design

There is no right formula for designing the case study research. It largely depends on the research question(s). Before designing the case study researcher must consider methodological path (normally rigorous type) by critically reviewing existing literature and examination of research questions to be addressed. Approach and methodology varies according to the types of case study research. The question of how, when and who affect planning and research design. Researcher must consider the strengths and limitations of case study while designing it.

Like other research it also start with research question and it is normally general research questions. Research set objective for designing case study. Literature review is done before designing. Literature review help to explore little about case, identifying of suitable methodology, exploration of tools for data collection and its triangulation. After reviewing the literature, researchers consider sampling process ( normally non probability sampling method)based on case under investigation. Researcher selects the data collection methods and triangulate it through justification. Data analysis methods is identify and report writing format is considered in later stage of research design.

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