Ethnographic Research Design

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research is originated from anthropology and sociology but, now a day use in a variety of subjects. Initially it is used to study the group cultural (norms, values, behaviour and attitude). It provides a detailed description of the group’s  event, thinking pattern, behavour within groups as well as with outsider from their sides. It tries to distinct group from other groups in terms of norms, values, attitude, way of living, helpfulness and so on.

Ethnographic research is qualitative research type where researchers try to study the culture of different groups from their point of view and distinguish feature of group from other groups. Research use qualitative measure for comparing groups with other by conducting in depth study of group. For doing so research at first enter ingroup and involve in the activities of groups. For some time researcher  must adopt the life study of group under investigation to win the heart of groups than use the tools for data collection. It adopted some features of case study research method for collecting data. Researcher normally use participatory observation method and in depth interview methods for data collection.

Ethnographic Research Design

Since, ethnographic research is qualitative research in nature researcher generally start with common questions and set the objectives of research. Concepts used in research are broadly describe and literature review is carried down for collection of information about groups from emic as well as ethic perspectives. Researcher identify the target respondent from the group. Generally small sample size is used and select methods from non-probability sampling method (using judgmental or purposeful sampling methods). Researchers try to explore the entering methods and determine the time spent on the group and the activities researcher wish to involve with group. Research selects the data collection methods (normally participatory observation and in depth unstructured interview is used) and methods of data analysis (thematic analysis, narrative analysis and picture to text analysis. In later stage of designing, format of report writing is determined. 

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