Feature of social research

Nature or Hallmark of Social Research

Following are the feature or nature of social research:

  • Objectivity

Social research must be based on objective. Without objective the investigation is not consider as research. in a research problem must be address. Thus, the objectives of research are to find solution of research problem.

  • Generalization

The finding of social research must be generalized to make understand by other people. It is the attribute of good research because the research which does not generalized the finding is not consider as scientific research.

  • Systematic

Social research must be done in systematic way. Its process must be developed in logical way. The research must follow their steps in proper way to be a scientific research.

  • Verifiability

The finding of research must be verified. Its finding must be tested carefully.

  • Predictability

Based on research finding there should be possibility of predicting the situation. Thus, good research must established cause and effect relation which is helpful for forecasting.

  • Applicability

The finding of research must be applicable in real world. The good research’s finding should have applicability in this real world.

  • Timely

Another feature of good research is to provide information or finding in time. Delay fact may not be useful in application.

  • Exploration

The good research must explore something new. The collection of existing fact is not considers as research.

  • Explanation

The research must explain about why it is conduct. It should explain about correlation among variable used in research.

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