Methodology and Methods

When I was conducting the research entitled Socio-economic Status of Tamang Community of Kakani VDC. The questions that regularly comes to my mind is that which methodology should I follow and which methods are used to collect and analyze the data to derive the conclusion. When I review the related literature there is much research conducting on the socio-economic status of …….. community and there are the different model to identify the social economic status of people. Among them, Kuppuswamy scale is popular in developing country like Nepal. I decided to used Kuppuswamy scale due to more appropriate for Nepalese context. I am following the positivism perspectives. The research using Kuppuswamy scale where the data collection question is pre-set. The question is the closed end using Likert Scale. I have to use the questionnaire and schedule interview to collect data and descriptive statistics for the analysis of the data and drawing the conclusions. In this research project, the use of quantitative research using positive philosophy is the methodology used and the questionnaire and Schedule Interview is the methods used for data collection, and descriptive statistics are the methods used for data analysis.

We need data to take different decisions for solving problems and to explore the information and find out the pattern of variable there is the need of data.  The data is not generated automatically as we wish. It must be collected from different sources. For collection of date we must used different tools and techniques. After data is collected it is analysed by using different statistical tool for generation of information. The  use of these tools and techniques while collecting and analyzing the data is considered as methods. And rational or principle for use of these methods is called methodology. 

While conducting research we collect different types of data using different data collection methods. Methods are tools, strategy and techniques which are used for the collection or analysis of data in research as well as other investigations. It consists of tools and techniques used in different stages of research. In research both qualitative as well as quantitative methods are used for collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Normally researcher may use three categories of method. Questionnaire, interview, case study, survey, observation etc. are the tools used for primary data collection. It is considered the first category of methods used in research/investigation. Tabular presentation, pie chart bar diagram, Central tendency, dispersion, hypothesis testing, etc. are used for data analysis which is considered secondary category of methods used in investigation, and for checking the accuracy of data different data triangulation method is used.

Methodology is concerned with epistemology and ontological consideration where the rational of source and validity to gathering knowledge is focus . It focuses on how the resource is conducted focusing on procedure and way that knowledge is gained. Methodology is made of or two word method and logy where are method is tools and techniques used for data collection and analysis and logy is the discipline to study the knowledge. Thus, it provides the logic for the use of method employed by the researcher during the research study. It tries to clarify the reason of using particular method used in the resource for attaining the required data and analyzing technique for drawing conclusions in research. It act as guiding principles and framework within which research methods are situated and actualized. methodology itself is shaped and formed by philosophical position. Methodology may be quantitative qualitative or mix depend upon the level of existing knowledge research objective and so on.

If a researcher wants to study the socio economic status of Sherpa community of Solukhumbu district then the researcher may use exploratory research design to conduct research. The researcher used survey techniques for the collection of data and descriptive statistics for the Analysis of data. The researcher use observation method for the validity of data obtained from solver technique. The use of survey technique descriptive statistics and observation are the methods used in research. The researcher may argue that to find out the socio economic status the data of large people is needed and survey is the appropriate technique to collect data from last pool people and destructive stats is enough to describe the socio economic status of people. The logic to use the method of observation, survey questions and descriptive stats are the methodology used in research. It is the methodology of conducting this resource. Use of different method in research are purely guided by methodology used by researcher.

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