Objectives of Social Research

Objectives of social Research

Social Research is conducted with some objectives. Without objectives there is no research. Following are the some of the objectives to conduct the research:

  • Generating new knowledge or Theory

One of the objectives of conducting research is to developed new theory or to add some knowledge in real world. The academic research is mostly done for the generating new knowledge or to develop new theory.

  • Scientific study of social life

It is the objective of the social research because social research is done to investigate some part of social live. In this research social issues, social problem, social phenomenon, social behavior, etc. are study.

  • Improving understanding

Some of the research are conduct to improve the understanding of people, institution, problems, issues, etc. thus for the improving the understanding the research is conduct.

  • Application testing

Some of the research are conduct to test weither theory are applicable or not. If the objective of the research is to test the applicability of the theory then research end up either with recommendation for modification of theory or approval of the theory.

  • Clarification of facts

Research try to clarify the facts with empirical proof as well as theoretical proof. The experimental activities that research use also help to clarify the complexities of the fact in simple way.

  • Discovering new facts

Discovering new facts, development new theory, proof of the hypothesis are major objectives of the research. Most of the high level academic research are conduct to discover new facts or new knowledge.

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