Process of Research Problem Identification

Process of Problem Formulation

There are several steps for the definition of research problem. Title is broad to define the problem in research and broad title is divided into specific objective to define the research problem. The summary of process of defining the research problem is already discuss earlier. In this part we discuss the detail process of problem formulation in research.  Following are the process of problem formulation:

Step I: Selection of area of interest

At first the researcher must have selected the area for the research. The area may be broad enough which is selected by researcher. Domestic Violence is the area of interest for researcher. It is broad enough where research cannot be conduct.

Step II: Division of Area into sub area:

After the researcher select the area of interest next step is to divide it into sub-area. For example, if research select domestic violence as area of interest then researcher must identify the sub-area like profile of women suffer from domestic violence, socio-economic impact of violence, legal impact of violence, etc.

Step III: Selecting the Sub area of Interest:

After identifying the possible sub-area, the researcher selects the sub area of interest. For example, if researcher is interested to find out the profile of the women affected by domestic violence then s/he my selected that sub area only for research.

Step IV: Selecting the Research Title

Next step of the research problem formulation is to develop the research title. If researcher want to find out profile of women affected by domestic violence then researcher may define title as “status of women suffers from Domestic violence”.

Step V: Develop Research Questions

After selecting the research title researcher must break the title into specific propose in order to develop research question. Status of women suffer from domestic violence is the title of the research and the specific objectives of the research are to examine the economic status of women who are suffer from domestic violence, to find out socio-cultural status of women, to identify the quality of women, etc. and the research questions are What are the economic status of women who are suffer from domestic violence? What are the socio-cultural status of women and what are the quality of women?

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