Researching the Social Phenomena: complex process

Social research is simply defined as investigating base on emperical data of social aspect of life. By nature social life is complex which lead to deeply interconnection of social aspect of social life. As a result, social phenomena is also complex consisting of deep interlink of social behaviour, norms and values, environment. They must be defined in collective way to better understand it. These deeply connection of social aspects, dimensions and environment make difficult for investigation.

One of the core features of social phenomena is, if the components are separated the meaning may mislead. Thus, separation of components without changing the definition of it is challenging task for investigator. Consider the case of poverty, which is defined differently according to context, time and field. Due to deeply connection of different dimensions, components and environment the definition are different according to society, people and time. The investigation on poverty itself is a complex process and must carefully consider each elements and main focus element in research so that its original meaning must not be affected.

In case of research, at first, the researcher must identify the social phenomena for statement of problem.  The objectives is set on the basis of stated problem, which is based on SMART criteria. After setting objectives the methodology used in research must be identity considering epistemology and ontology. In next step methods must be determined and data must be collected and interpreted. On the basis of interpretation conclusion must be developed.

The process of using social phenomena for setting of research objectives is challenging job because it may be visible versus invisible, qualitative vs quantitative and so on. There is danger of misleading due to simplification of phenomena as well as misbehave due to separation of some components. One of the important aspect of research in social phenomenon is that some time more variable must be use in research. It leads for impossibility to control variables. The problem of over generalizing the finding, and generalizing itself is the complex task in social research.

There is arguments that underlying theory are less widespread in case of social science and variety of measurement for same issued. It limit the investigation on social phenomenon. Wide variety of measuring instrument research tools and approach are employed in social research while studying social phenomena therefore, there is the complexity on investigation. Some of the social phenomena are unnecessarily complicated. This complexity challenge the researcher to conduct research new area of interest.

Following things must be considered while researching on social phenomena:

  • Is operation definition of social phenomena have some basis and rightly define?
  • Is it reasonable to break down some components?
  • Is it researchable to draw the conclusion?
  • Is it complex enough that it mislead finding if narrowly define?

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