Sources of Research Problem

Source of Research Problem

The first step of the social work research is to identify the problem for the research. The identification of the problem is not a easy task of the research. It is the stimulation that make the research to react for the systematic investigation. In social work research following are the major source of the research problems:

  • Experience

The experience of the social work realizes the problems that can be researchable. The challenges face by the social worker in field, office, and other place may be the source of research problem. The problem may be people, place or other.

  • Observation:

The social worker observes the behaviour of people at work or in the field or in another place where they visit. These may be the problem where social carried out the research. The behaviour of the peoples, situation of field, attitude of people, etc. can be observe by the social worker which can be observe by systematic or unsystematic way.

  • Theory

Theory is the set of assumption about the causes of behaviour and roles that focus on the establishing the relation between dependent and independent variable. The application of the theory is dependent on the assumption which can be source of the problem of the researcher. Beside that the test of the theory in field and modification is also the source of the problem of the social work research.

  • Social problem:

The social problem itself is the source of problems for the social work research. The social issues, social trend, social change, etc. are the source of problem in social work research.

  • Knowledge Gap (Literature Review):

The little understanding about certain issues, problem, people, place, etc. may be the problem that are researchable are the source of the social work research problem. While reviewing the literature if the researcher found that the existing understanding is not sufficient to solve the problem of client than it may be the source of research problem.

  • Contradictory Results:

Some of the facts or theory have some degree of contradiction and in order to clarify these issues the research may be conduct. Thus, these contradictions are the source of the research problem for the social worker.

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